Below are the seven selected host organizations and projects for the AAPB NDSR 2016-2017 residency. The proposals outline goals for the residents and the specific responsibilities required by each institution’s project.


Location: New York City, NY
Project: Preservation at the Next Level: Utilizing Preservation Metadata and Fixity Features
Primary Mentor: Dave Rice

This project will build upon the prior work of the archive and NDSR NY and prioritize goals within a new project to focus on revealing connection, generation, and provenance within file-based preservation collections. The resident shall be supported in the use of open source software for the purposes of assessment and implementation of recommendations.

Louisiana Public Broadcasting

Location: Baton Rouge, LA
Project: LPB Digital Preservation Planning Project
Primary Mentor: Leslie Bourgeois

The goal of this project is to create a digital preservation plan for Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB). During this project, the resident will document LPB’s current digital workflows and create a digital preservation plan.

Minnesota Public Radio

Location: St. Paul, MN
Project: The Library of Alexander, Christopher
Primary Mentor: Margaret Bresnahan

This project is a significant audit of Minnesota Public Radio’s metadata and schema workflow and datasets, resulting in documentation of audit findings and focused recommendations based on testing.

KBOO Community Radio

Location: Portland, OR
Project: KBOO Program Archiving and Preservation Project
Primary Mentor: Erin Yanke

During this project, the resident will aid in the design and development of a process for the digitization, preservation, and cataloging of 7500 historic KBOO programs dating from the late 1960s. The project will involve designing the PBCore metadata catalog, as well as investigating and developing systems for search and access to the digitally archived programs.

Howard University Television (WHUT)

Location: Washington, DC
Project: WHUT Digital Material Identification and Preservation Project
Primary Mentor: Sharon Drayton

During this project, the resident will 1. develop a work flow process to accurately identify a video footage database management structure that would serve as a basis for inputting new digital content on an ongoing basis for use in multiple platforms, and document that process through the development of a training guide; and 2. begin discussions on the potential to link this newly created digital video repository with the existing Moorland Spingarn library system to allow access to all HU students, staff, faculty and alumni.

Wisconsin Public Television

Location: Madison, WI
Project: Digital Preservation of WPT Moving Images
Primary Mentor: Ann Wilkens

The emphasis of this project will be to assist in the management, in collaboration with the media archivist, of all facets of the workflow. WPT would like the resident to identify inefficiencies in preservation workflows and recommend improvements, document best practices and propose an implementable approach to data migration.


Location: Yellow Springs, OH
Project: WYSO Digital Audio Archives Map
Primary Mentor: Neenah Ellis

WYSO Public Radio requests a resident to help us create a digital roadmap for the WYSO Digital Audio Archives. The project will involve a careful and thorough analysis of our current digital landscape and a blueprint for long-term digital curation, preservation and public access.